SENSODYNE - Lybrate SENSODYNE Toothpaste Sample at Just Rs.1

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Lybrate SENSODYNE Toothpaste
SENSODYNE - Lybrate SENSODYNE Toothpaste Sample at Just Rs.1

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SENSODYNE - Lybrate SENSODYNE Toothpaste Sample at Just Rs.1

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Do you suffer from Sensitive Teeth?

Do you experience discomfort when you eat or drink certain foods? Is this a daily problem or perhaps just an occasional annoyance? You may have dentine hypersensitivity, another name for sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that can develop over time, typically as a result of gum recession or enamel wear.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Dentinal hypersensitivity, or tooth sensitivity, is a common dental problem. It’s a condition that can develop over time, as a result of common problems such as receding gums and enamel wear. Most sufferers are between 20 and 50 years old. Tooth sensitivity can start to happen when the softer, inner part of the tooth called ‘dentine’ becomes exposed. Dentine lies under the enamel and the gums.
Thousands of microscopic channels run through the dentine towards the center of the tooth. Once the dentine is exposed, external triggers (such as a cold drink) can stimulate the nerves inside the tooth, causing the characteristic short, sharp sensation of tooth sensitivity.
Only a dentist can confirm you have dentinal hypersensitivity. If you are experiencing any dental problems, always consult your dentist for advice. If you have dentinal hypersensitivity, you can help to minimize further exposure of the dentine, care for your sensitive teeth and relieve the symptoms by making some simple changes to your daily oral care routine and dietary habits.

Some of the main causes of sensitivity in teeth:
· Enamel wear e.g. from tooth grinding or overly frequent tooth brushing
· Gum recession e.g. from gum disease or aggressive brushing

How should I tackle my Tooth Sensitivity?

After discovering you have tooth sensitivity, it’s a natural next step to want to know what you can do about it. Talk to your dentist about what has caused you to have this problem, what you can do to relieve it and how to help prevent it from getting worse. They can advise you on the most suitable oral care routine for someone with sensitive teeth, the best toothbrushing technique for you, how often and when. In addition, you can relieve the sensation of tooth sensitivity by changing your regular toothpaste to a daily use toothpaste specially formulated to care for sensitive teeth, such as Sensodyne.

How does Sensodyne work?

Sensodyne is specially formulated to relieve and protect against tooth sensitivity. Sensodyne works by creating a barrier over sensitive areas or by soothing the nerves inside your tooth, ultimately offering 24/7 sensitivity protection when you brush with it twice a day, every day.

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